xRM Concept


Wow, it is so wonderful…to customer, you can see that the flexibility of xRM and that is the limited only by your and Organization’s imagination.It is just the basic knowledge about xRM, you can see more depth knowledge at

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Key notes for Editable Grid in Dynamic 365


Microsoft has created a big change for Microsoft Dynamic Crm in this year, in fact, it has  not been welcome from many partner about this release, I will write another post about this in next posting, you also can have a first look at this link. We just focus on the new features that we consider it is great for developers. This post will write about the “Enable Grid Function”.

To me, it is a sad news because my personal project for xRMEditableGrid grid must be canceled  🙂  because of its feature…

You can refer this link for quick steps.

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Hosting Custom WCF Service In Microsoft Dynamic Crm


This post will talk about consuming WCF in client script in Microsoft Dynamic Crm. It is not new to developers, but I received many questions for WCF hosting on Crm Onpremise, hence, I will try to explain clearly :).

Can we host WCF in ISV folder?

The answer is “No – definitely No”. 

You can do that in Microsoft Dynamic Crm 4.0 version but this feature has been deprecated from 2013 version. Continue reading